LUCERNE back to page one -- SWITZERLAND HOME -- These Lucerne videos cover many similar themes, but each one is different. We bring you to the Old Town, Stadtkeller, Kappelbrucke, Kornmarkt, Deer Square, River Reuss, Titlis and the surrounding region in the Swiss Alps.
Lucerne chocolatte Lucerne: walking tour from our Hotel des Balances in the heart of the Old Town, to Lion Monument, Schmid-Linder gift shop, chocolates at Au Cachet.
Lucerne Titlis Lucerne's Mt. Titlis, traveling by train and cable car to the top of the mountain, where it is snowing.
Through the beautiful Swiss Alps train ride in Swiss Alps from Italy to Lucerne is one of those journeys of a lifetime, so beautiful. Arriving we take a walk and relax in our deluxe Hotel des Balances.
Lucerne train station Lucerne train ride through the Swiss Alps from Italy passing Como and beautiful mountain peaks along the way, arriving at the Lucerne train station.
Lucerne flowers Lucerne Quick look, Mt. Titlis, walking in town, dinner at hotel des Balances, train to Paris.
Lucerne view from wall Lucerne guide Walking tour with local guide, Doris Wermelinger, learning the history and visiting the Old Town on foot.
Lucerne Balances Hotel Lucerne at the deluxe des Balances Hotel, wonderful breakfast, swans out front, look in the Jesuit Church, visit Au Chocolate for the best home-made pralines, up Mt. Pilatus.
Lucerne train Lucerne walk in town, dinner at Stadtkeller Restaurant, trip to Titlis on a beautiful sunny day surrounded by snow.
Lucerne Titlis cablecar Lucerne walking tour overview then we ride the train to Engelberg and take a cable car to Mt. Titlis to frolic in the snow.
Lucerne bridge Lucerne Dennis talks about his early life as a child traveling in Europe visiting Switzerland and Italy while living in London for three years.
Lucerne Switzerland Lucerne Dinner by the river then a surprise hail storm livens up our visit to this favorite Swiss town.
Titlis Lucerne Mt. Titlis is a perfect excursion from Lucerne, high in the Alps, always covered in snow. We take a scooter ride down the mountain this time.
Lucerne town view Lucerne train ride through the Alps on a beautiful day, then to Mt. Titlis, back to town for a parade and dinner at Galliker Restaurant, then departing comments about our visit.
Lucerne travel video Hotel des Balancs Comments Breakfast at the Balances Hotel in Lucerne, then riding the train to Paris while talking about the beauties of Lucerne, including our trip to Titlis.
Lucerne train station Lucerne Delicious breakfast at des Balances Hotel gets us ready for another big day, leaving town and traveling by train to Paris, with comments about the trip.
Lucerne Mill Bridge Lucerne comments as we ride the train from Lucerne to Paris we look back on highllights of the trip to Italy and Switzerland in this candid travel movie.
Lucerne Titlis comments Comments from our travelers about their highlights of the visit to Lucerne, Switzerland, in the Alps. travel video
Lucerne Stadtkeller show Stadtkeller show: One of the highlights of your visit to Lucerne, featuring Swiss folk music, playing the spoons, saw, broom, tossing flags, and the Alpine horn.
Lucerne Stadtkeller Stadtkeller puts on the best show of traditional Swiss music and dance at their restaurant in Lucerne, plus they serve great food at a reasonable price as seen here.
Lucerne Hotel des Balances Hotel des Balances, Lucerne, Switzerland. We take a hotel tour with manager, Peter Busser, who shows us highlights of this landmark building on the river. travel video
Lucerne Switzerland walking tour Lucerne visit with local guide, part 1: Kornmarkt, Deer Square, Kapellbrucke. travel video
Lucerne Switzerland views walking tour2 Lucerne with local guide, part 2: Jesuit Church, Town Hall, Franciscan Church. travel video
Stadtkeller Show2 More Swiss music and dance, with singing and traditional instrumental tunes played while dinner is served.