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Rome 2011 9Via_Giubbonari Sant Andrea della Valle, is elaborately decorated in the Baroque style. Nearby, Via Giubbonari, is one of the most charming streets in Rome, still lined with shops selling clothing as it has for centuries.
Rome  Trastevere Trastevere Villa Farnesina, pizzeria, Piazza Trilussa, Piazza SM d Trastevere, rock ‘n roll, church parade, jazz in Campo dei Fiori at night. Rome travel movie
rome trastevere Trastevere2 Trastevere is one of the charming neighborhoods of Rome, especially in the evening on a weekend. We chat with Pino, owner of Al Fontanone restaurant.
Rome Bernini Ecstacy of Theresa Santa_Maria Maggiore Via Nazionale, Piazza della Republica, S.M. Degli Angeli, S.M. della Vittoria, Bernini’s Theresa, San Carlo ai Quatro Fontane, San Crispino gelatto, Spagna.
Rome Borghese Gallery Borghese This Gallery is Rome's best small museum, with many statues by Bernini and other masterpieces, followed by walk through gardens to Piazza della Popolo, hotel desk clerks discuss Rome, departure.
Romee P Navona Quick history Rome 2,000 years in 1 minute. It is a quick talk on the bus taking us from the airport into Rome.
Rome  Giolitti Summary Rome: Pantheon, Giolittis, Trevi, Ala Rampa, night walk, breakfast at Tiziano, Piazza Farnese, St Andrea della Valle, Teatro Marcello, Forum, metro.
Rome  Diocletian Baths Churches Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Theresa in SM d Vittoria, Baths of Diocletina in SM degli Angeli, with wedding, depart Rome by train.
Rome  Capitoline Museum Museums Capitoline Museum, metro to Diocletian Baths, S Andrea della Valle, Chiesa Nuova, Ponte St Angelo, Vatican Museum; St. Peter’s.
rome chiesa nuova early morning dawn visit to the Campo dei Fiori in Rome, visit Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Andrea della Valle, Via Giulia, Chiesa Nuova
Rome pedestrian streets Spagna Fancy shops in Spagna, Spanish Steps, metro to St. Peter’s, bus to Janiculum Hill for view, Coloseum, Trastevere for dinner at Galeassi.
Rome Segway Segway tour1 Rome Riding on a Segway while touring Rome makes it very easy see a lot while having fun -- easier than walking and you cover a lot of sites.
Rome Segway tour Segway tour2 Continuing our tour of Rome while riding on a Segway, visiting Circus Maximus, then we ride up the Aventine Hill
Rome Segway part3 Segway tour3 Rome: Mouth of Truth, then we ride Segway to the Capitoline Hill, view of Roman Forum. Finally, rolling back towards Piazza Venezia
Rome 2011 7Chiesa Nuova 7 Chiesa Nuova will dazzle you with marvelous Baroque-style paintings on the ceiling and dome, along with carved angels and shimmering gold.
Rome  Vatican Museum Vatican , Touring the Vatican Museum including map room, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters. Rome travel movie
Rome Vatican Museum Rome tour with local guide Oriana Geraci, to the Vatican Museum and St. Peters Basilica.
Rome Hugo Vatican Vatican Museum in Rome with our tour guide Hugo Buehring.
Rome Vatican Library Saint_Peter's Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Here we present a 30-minute detailed visit of this great destination.
Rome Vatican stairss Rome Vatican Museum, spiral stair entrance, detailed visit inside, Stanza of Raphael, Pinacoteca picture gallery, Sistine Chapel ceiling
Rome 2011Saint_Peter's Vatican Museum and St Peters are two of Rome's highlights, then we continue to Baths of Diocletian and more.
Rome 2011Saint_Peter's Vatican Museum and St Peters are two of Rome's highlights, then we continue to Baths of Diocletian and more.
Rome 2012 - 3Rome dawn walk, then Vatican; continuing to Spagna, via Giulia, via Coronari and then finally into Trastevere.
Rome Vatican Vatican tour Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, ancient statues, mosaics, Raphael, St. Peter's Basilica.
Rome Colosseum Colosseum home of the gladiators and largest building constructed by those ancient masters -- a model for our modern sports arenas. Operational for 300 years.
Roman Forum Judy Reeves Visit Rome with local guide, Judy Reeves, to the ancient Roman Forum and the Ghetto, former Jewish neighborhood now very upscale with fine restaurants and ruins.
Rome Castel St Angelo local guide2 pasta lunch, Giolitti gelato, Trevi, Spagna, SM Madalena, with local guide Judy Reeves to St Paul Outside the Wall, Hotel Tiziano, St Angelo, Piazza Navona.
Rome Pantheon night Summary Pantheon, St. Ivo, Trevi, St Peter's, Campo dei Fiori, walk with local guide Judy to Portico Octavia, Capitoline, Forum, Colosseum; Hadrian's Villa and Tivoli.
Rome s local guide3: Rome tour with Oriana Geraci: Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Forum, Colosseum, Trastevere, Campo dei Fiori, Ponte St. Angelo, Corso.
Rome 2011 3Forum Lunch at Campo dei Fiori, visit to the Pantheon, Roman Forum and Colloseum, and more.
Rome Colosseum Highlights Colosseum, St Paul Outside the Wall, St Peters, Trastevere, dinner at Sabatini.
Rome 2012 - 4 Big walk Ghetto, Marcello, Forum, walk to Campo Fiori, Bernini.
Rome guide Local guide: Colosseum, Forum, Capitolin, Il Gesu, St Andrea della Valle, Campo dei Fiori.
Rome Spanish Steps Quick intro to Rome. Airport departure, bus into Rome from the airport, quick summary of 2,000 years of Roman history.
rome alley cafe Day One arrival in Rome, lunch at Grotte del Teatro di Pompeo, walk to Piazza Navona, Pantheon, SM Minerva, S Ignazio, Trevi Fountain, Spagna, and gelato at Giolitti.
Rome from Capitoline Intro Quick introduction to Rome, high-speed summary of the main attractions.
Rome history Rome two thousand years of Roman history in 12 minutes, as told by Dennis on the drive into the city.
Rome TRevi Rome arrival, history talk, pasta lunch, Pantheon, St. Ignazio, Trevi, Colosseum, Forum.
Rome streets Students dinner at La Rampa, walk in Spagna, gelato, historic center, Piazza Navona.
Rome Sabatini Sabatini Dinner here can be a lot of fun, especially when Mr. Sabatini joins with the band and sings to us at our table.
Rome pasta Sabatini again Lovely meal sitting outdoors on the piazza, with Mr. Sabatini himself singing to us at the table with his fine musicians.
Rome Spagna people Rome street music. No narration on this short music video, with wild clarinet and sights of the Corso and Spagna shopping district.
Rome us Ponte St Angelo Rome highlights we talk about the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Camp dei Fiori, and more in this summary of our visit.
Rome train Termini Eurail Departure by train: taxi from Hotel Tiziano to the Termini train station - train to Florence, rolling through lovely farmland scenery along the way.
rome tiziano hotel Rome 2010 departure from our Hotel Tiziano, taxi to Termini Station, board train for Florence and we enjoy pretty scenery of hilltowns and green farmlands.
Rome Video Guidebook This interactive Rome guidebook presents six walking tours, vividly illustrated with 36 videos, photos, practical maps and 600 pages of detailed text. This is the best way to discover Rome